SWIFT Application Development Academy

This course is a hands-on, project-based, introductory course in developing iOS apps with the Swift programming language. After completion of this 16 week course our students will be able to Plan, prepare and build an original iOS app, from concept to working program.

Summer Enrichment Program

This program will run weekly sessions June – August. Our participants will use the SWIFT playground App to learn basic programming fundamentals while engaging in coding challenges and mini games. Upon completion of this program participants will have a beginners level comprehension of the SWIFT programming language and the confidence to continue their programming education.

App Industry Seminars

These seminars will introduce participants to the app development industry and to the SWIFT programming application. Upon completion of this 2 hour course participants will have an understanding of job opportunities, proper marketing strategies, app monetization, as well as a foundational understanding of how to operate the SWIFT programming application for self-paced teaching.


There is immense power in a community’s effort. We will use our building space to host hack-a-thons, pairing the smartest minds from the islands with top of the line resources in order to use technology to solve pressing matters both locally and internationally.

The jeniusLogic Think Tank

To be a good programmer skills such as math and science are essential. We understand that schools may not have the space, time or staff to properly tutor their students so the jeniusLogic Think Tank will be a place where students can receive tutoring within the STEM initiative so that they can have support in overcoming any learning curve. We will also use this space for collaborative idea and concept sessions.


This program will seek to award $5,000 collegiate scholarships to assist applicants pursue a college education in Computer Science based on availability of funds. This scholarship may be applied for during the 4 years of undergraduate study at an accredited institution.


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