2018 Summer Camp Opens Up A New World To VI Students

2018 Summer Camp Opens Up A New World To VI Students


ST. THOMAS – This summer we had the distinct pleasure of partnering with the University of the Virgin Islands to offer the Swift Programming Course at the Cyber Camp VI Summer Camp. Our roll out of our technology curriculum was a huge success! Students took a deep dive into coding concepts through Swift Playgrounds and were able to dissect the technology industry through daily seminars focused on entrepreneurship skills and problem solving.


The students participating in the swift course were able to pick up the material rather quickly and were eager to start putting their skills to use. This year’s Cyber Camp VI¬†was hosted for the month of July at UVI for elementary, junior/high school students for FREE!!!!

The University of the Virgin Islands has a grant through the Department of Energy that fund these initiatives for the children of the Virgin Islands.

If you have a child interested in acquiring the skill set of being a programmer/developer reach out to us! We are invested in helping to propel the people of the Virgin Islands forward in technology whether it be through college preparation, entrepreneurship development, or career development.

Enroll in our programs today!



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